Building Renovation and Expansion

New Building

The building project is about renovating, expanding and making Saint George Orthodox Church accessible.

The renovation means making our building water-tight, putting in modern heating, cooling and ventilation systems. It means repairing the plaster, painting, new flooring and lighting, modern rest rooms and fixing the chandelier in the church. The expansion includes a new covered entry way, outdoor courtyard and narthex on the south side of the church. There will be an expansion toward the east on both the church and parish hall level. In the church the seating capacity will increase by about 25% and the altar will have considerably more room. In the hall there will be a great deal more room for seating and a designated Church School area, which can be used for smaller group meetings. There will be a new mechanical room and additional storage. Accessibility has long been an issue at Saint George. ?We want to make sure everyone can get from the sidewalk into the church without worrying about stairs. An elevator/lift is in the plans: it will be in the new entry way and take passengers from ground level to the church or to the hall.

What is the building project

The project is about renovating, expanding and making Saint George Orthodox Church accessible.

  • New covered entry way and outdoor courtyard on the south side
  • Expansion toward the east on both the church and parish hall level Church seating capacity to increase by 25%
  • More seating in the hall, updated kitchen and a designated Church School space
  • New mechanical room and additional storage
  • An elevator/lift to take passengers from ground level to the church or hall.
  • Modern, accessible restrooms
  • Water-tight building and roof
  • Modern heating, cooling and ventilation systems
  • Repairing the plaster and painting
  • New flooring and lighting, including repairing the chandelier in the church

How much will it cost to do this work

Based on the conceptual design, the building costs are estimated at $1.5 million ± 15%. That variable will change as the engineers and consultants examine our property and the architect's plans. The final cost will also be affected by the type of materials we choose.

Break down of the costs

The table below shows the construction costs based on square footage and our location. Remember this is an estimate based on a preliminary design and will change as we move through the process.

Work Description Cost
Demolition / Sitework / Landscape $110,091
Masonry / Millwork / Carpentry $641,334
Interior Finishing $169,064
Kitchen and Restroom Furnishings $46,580
Elevator $90,600
Plumbing, Electrical and HVAC $238,596
Construction Costs Sub-total $1,296,265
General Conditions, Insurance, Fees $223,062
Total $1,519,327

Are there going to be other fees or charges?

Yes. The estimated building price does not include the "soft costs", that is, the amount we pay to the architect and general contractor. Those fees are typically about 15%. We will also be looking at paying for the cost of storing all our furniture during the construction period, and we will likely need to rent a space to meet for services for a period of months.

How will the project be funded?

Needed to Renovate and Expand - $1.5 million

  • Sale of property - $525,000
  • Fund Raising - $51,000
  • Donations and Memorials $20,000
  • Grants and Foundations $39,000
  • 64 pledges from parishioners - $226,000
Total to date in cash and pledges - $861,000
Needed to make this a reality - $639,000

Where will additional monies come from, can we borrow?

A lot of us haven't done our share yet. There are families and friends of Saint George who are committed to making this project become a reality -- NOW is the time to step forward.

As for a loan, that is a possibility after everyone has made their commitment. The Parish Council has stated that we will not undertake anything beyond our means. In other words, we will be fiscally responsible and carefully determine what type of mortgage payment could be reasonably made each month.

What about special gifts and memorials?

We have just introduced the Designated Donation part of our campaign. Major areas of the project have pre-set minimums which individuals, families or even a few families working together can donate. These donors, and the loved ones they are remembering, will be honored with a plaque which will be in keeping with the dignity of the project and church. Information about Designated Donations is readily available at the church and on our website.

So just how easy is it for me and my family to contribute to this project?

It is super easy! Gifts can be brought to church, sent by mail or paid on-line. If you want more information about the project, have a question about a Designated Donation or wish to make a gift of stock or life insurance ... please give us a call, we are here to answer your questions and make the process easy. And don't forget the tax benefits of giving to the church.

Father Joseph Kimmett, our Council Chair Joan Cassidy and any member of the Parish Council and Building Committee will be more than happy to chat.

The chart below shows how easy it is to make a once-in-a-lifetime capital gift, paid over just two years. Preserve YOUR CHURCH for the next generation (your grandparents did it for you!)

Amount of Donation Monthly for 2 years Weekly for 2 years
$3,000 $128.00 $28.84
$5,000 $208.33 $48.00
$10,000 $416.66 $95.16
$20,000 $833.00 $192.00

New Building