Coffee Hours at Staint George Orthodox Church

Society of Saint Sampson

Saint Sampson

Making Sure There is Coffee Hour

We have a coordinator, Lucine Kouyoumjian, who will insure that on most Sundays between Labor Day and Memorial Day there is a coffee hour. The coordinator and other members of our Hospitality Society (under the patronage of Saint Sampson the Hospitable) will make sure that either somone has signed up to host or that members of the Society will prepare, serve and clean up a simple coffee hour.

What about our current system

Just as in past, individuals and families will be encouraged to sign up to offer holy bread and host a coffee hour. Occasions for making this obligation include Name Days, anniversaries, birthdays and the times of memorials. Our hope is that people will commit to this ministry at least thress months in advance.

What if nobody signs up

On those Sundays mornings when no one has signed up to host, the Society will step in ... Their work will include making the coffee and make sure it perks; setting up the hall with table covers, preparing up the serving table with small plates and cups, setting out purchased food, mooving the coffee pots from the kitchen to serving table, and cleaning afterwards. Coffee and paper goods are supplied. (By the way, this is the same procedure that any coffee hour host will do - see, it is so simple.)

The Society of Saint Sampson, Who can join? Anyone!

To make this work we need several more volunteers who are willing to help with this important task. This way no one should have to work more than once every couple months. The main responsibility of the coordinator is to keep track of the volunteers.

Members can also be benefactors who will contribute toward these coffee hours; these are likely those who are physically unable to do all the work but who are dedicated to making sure Saint George keeps its great reputation as a hospitable parish. For those donating money toward these simple coffee hours, they are not necessarily the "coffee hour host".


In addition to Society members willing to contribute toward these simple coffee hours, a donation basket will be set out to cover the cost on those days in which there is no host. It will be left to the SSS working members to decide what to purchase. The goal is to buy fresh each week, after all no one really likes the taste of muffins defrosted after a month in the freezer.

Just a couple more reminders

  • There is NO reason for anyone to stay downstairs during the Liturgy, if you need to leave a few minutes early, that is understandable but no one should miss the service.
  • Please make sure to clean up the coffee pots and wash the tables afterwards. The custodian will take out the trash and mop the floors.
  • If for some reason you rearrange the tables and chairs for coffee hour, they must be returned the to the original layout afterwards.
  • On Church School days, the round tables in the stage area will be saved for the students and teachers.
  • Saving a table for the clergy, especially when the bishop visits, is a good thing to do!

  • Who is Saint Sampson

    Saint Sampson the Hospitable was the son of rich and illustrious Roman parents. In his youth he received an excellent education, he studied the medical arts, and doctored the sick without charge. After the death of his parents Saint Sampson generously distributed alms and set his slaves free, preparing himself to go into the wilderness. With this intent in mind he soon journeyed from Rome to the East. But the Lord directed him onto a different path, that of service to neighbor, and so Saint Sampson came to Constantinople. Settling into a small house, the saint began to take in homeless wanderers, the poor and the sick, and he attended to them. The Lord blessed the efforts of Saint Sampson and endowed him with the power of wonderworking. Saint Sampson devoted the rest of his life to serving his neighbor. He survived into old age and after a short illness he departed peacefully to the Lord. The saint was buried in Constantinople, and many healings were effected at his grave. The saint died in the year 530. His feast day is June 27.

    Download the Divine Liturgy Offerings and Coffee Hour sign-up form