Gifts at the Divine Liturgy

The faithful of Saint George Church, as well as family are friends are invited to make offerings to the parish for the Divine Liturgy on Sundays and Feast Days. The offering of holy bread and other gifts in the church is an ancient part of our Orthodox faith.

One may make such offerings as often as he or she wishes. Gifts may be offered to the glory of God, or to remember a special event -- a birthday, anniversary, name day or in remembrance of a departed loved one. If you wish to have a memorial service (40 days, one year etc.) please arrange it in advance with the priest. You may bring koliva (boiled wheat) for the memorial and leave it at the table on the solea. Otherwise, a loaf of holy bread can be used.

The weekly sheets in this notebook are to be used for those offering holy bread, flowers or seven-day candles for Sunday Liturgies. A family or individual can make all three offerings, or choose a particular one.

Please look at the instructions to the right and complete the form for the date (or dates) on which you are donating holy bread, flowers or are offering a candle.

The names of those offering gifts and those being remembered will be remembered during the Great Entrance. The names of donors will also be noted in the Sunday bulletin (printing deadline is Thursday at noon.)

Additional offerings for the health of loved ones, on special occasions, or in memory of the departed are always appropriate. These gifts may be left in the designated offering envelopes. These offerings will be listed in the bulletin and an icon card will be mailed to those being remembered, notifying them of your gift.

All payments should be made in advance to the Parish Treasurer or may be left at the church.

Would you like to joing the Baking Guild for holy bread? See Father Joseph. Recipes for holy bread and more information about the significance of bread in the life of the Church are in the back of this notebook, take a copy.

Download the Divine Liturgy Offerings and Coffee Hour sign-up form

Holy Bread and Coffee Hour

  • Up to three families or individuals may offer Holy Bread each week.
  • The cost of the bread is $15.
  • The bread is provided each week by our Baking Guild .
  • Familes and individuals may join together to offer a coffee hour.
  • You may offer holy bread even if you are not able to host coffee hour.
  • The coffee hour team within the parish may be able to offer a coffee hour on your behalf. Please ask.

Flowers at the Iconostasis

Vases may be offered by a family or individual on any special occasion (birthday, anniversary, Name Day, for a memorial or on a Feast day.)

  • The church will arrange delivery with our florist.
  • Donors of the flowers may be different from those offering holy bread.
  • The cost of two vases is $50.00.

Seven Day Candles

As with holy bread and flowers, the faithful are invited to offer 7-day candles which will burn before the icons in honor of loved ones.

  • Candles will be lit before Great Vespers on Saturday.
  • Candles may also be purchased before Liturgy from an usher in the narthex.
  • The cost of candles is $10.00 each.